Friday, October 30, 2009

~ Shabby Time Piece ~

I love the old iron ornate clocks that they had along time ago. Most are now sought for their beauty as they most likely are broken and do not tell time anymore. So why not create something fabulous. I pulled off the clock face and glued some neat scrapbook paper and then on that a copy of an old print of a woman. I think it came out kinda nice. Maybe I need to add a word to it or I actually could pop a hole through it and use it as a clock once again.....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

~ Book Cover Assembledge ~

I give credit to my friend Lynn for creating this lovely piece. If I am correct the back is a cover of an old book and she has embellished and added her creative and shabby touch to this piece. An old small cabinet photo surrounded by old buttons. Great background paper and lace. I love it !

Monday, October 5, 2009

~ Altered Jewels ~

" Yes, this is a necklace...."
" Opened"

" Closed "

" Small watch gutted and a sweet photo added.."

" Old pocket watch revamped. Yes this too is a necklace...."

I am the first to admit that I love jewelry, but never wear it. So you can imagine when I came upon this altered jewelry a few years ago how addicted I became knowing full well I don't wear necklaces. I simply got hooked on this artists altered jewelry. Her name is Kristen, and although she is not making jewelry that much any more, you can understand why I got hooked. She has the wonderful ability to match old pieces of jewelry together and create one of a kind pieces with her artistry. I especially love the lady photo where she has embellished her, and so lovingly finished the back of the necklace as well. Her specialty used to be creating awesome necklaces out of old watch cases. Imagine how much work has gone into these pieces, not to mention the fact that she had to come up with these ideas herself. I admire her and her work. See for yourself and maybe you can get inspired from these pieces......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~ Pocket Watch Perfection ~

Almost everyone that I know loves the old pocket watches. The rustier the better. Well, here is an idea that I am sure everyone has seen, but maybe not in this fashion. Gutting out the old watches is most likely not very difficult-I must confess I have never done it before-but in order to make these type of jewelry pieces the watches must be empty. Old tin types work well ,as well as, old cabinet photos that have been copied and shrunk. Some people pour a lacquer type glaze over their artwork and when it is dry you have a small masterpiece that is one of a kind. The watch with the man's face is a pin back watch. The watch that is the necklace is made from an old Rosary chain and then another old necklace appears to be added to it. I got these on Ebay years ago and adore them. Like I said before there are so many talented people out there-wish I had the stamina to create jewelry or to simply bead things for that matter.....