Monday, January 25, 2010

~ Late Night Project ~

" Before"
" After "

I have had this large canvas leaning in my hallway for several weeks waiting for the right time and right inspiration to come along. Get the canvas at Michael's for 40-50% off with theirs sales. Any size you choose. In my case, I used a rubber stamp on a transparency sheet, which I then got out the old projector. Backed up the projector as far as it would reach since the rubber stamp was about 2" in size. I love French inspired things so I thought why not Marie Antoinette and some sort of French script. I added the Paris at the bottom because my daughter thought the canvas was too scarce. Recently I have seen poster looking canvas prints that are large in size, but not in content. I think it makes a statement-a French one I hope. I painted the canvas with my furniture paint (choose whatever paint you want). Then I proceeded to trace the figure and when I finished I touched it up a bit here and there filling in more dark areas to look a little bit more filled out. It took about 35 minutes-not bad for a large project that didn't end up taking a large amount of time to complete....