Thursday, October 1, 2009

~ Pocket Watch Perfection ~

Almost everyone that I know loves the old pocket watches. The rustier the better. Well, here is an idea that I am sure everyone has seen, but maybe not in this fashion. Gutting out the old watches is most likely not very difficult-I must confess I have never done it before-but in order to make these type of jewelry pieces the watches must be empty. Old tin types work well ,as well as, old cabinet photos that have been copied and shrunk. Some people pour a lacquer type glaze over their artwork and when it is dry you have a small masterpiece that is one of a kind. The watch with the man's face is a pin back watch. The watch that is the necklace is made from an old Rosary chain and then another old necklace appears to be added to it. I got these on Ebay years ago and adore them. Like I said before there are so many talented people out there-wish I had the stamina to create jewelry or to simply bead things for that matter.....


  1. Oh so fun!!
    Another beautiful blog by one of my favorite gals.


    barbara jean

  2. I actually carry a old pocket watch with me where ever I go.