Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~ Let's Get Started .....~

Since Christmas is slowly approaching I thought that vintage skates would be appropriate. I have seen people create wreaths with them, or hang them on a fireplace mantel. I would simply make them part of a centerpiece with fake snow and old silver glass ball ornaments. Maybe setting them all upon an old tarnished silver tray? I have not started decorating yet for Christmas but I thought I would throw out a few suggestions before we got there. Another project I love is what Felicia aka "Bountiful" located at Lone Star Antiques does with pillows. I have these featured on my header for Dream in Cream. She has the uncanny ability to create beautiful objects out of discards. Not only are her pillows to die for, but everything she makes is snatched up in seconds the minute she comes in to redo her booth. Such talent amazes me. Her pillows can be purchased and shipped if you are interested. They change often and come in a variety of shapes....I have bought several things from her and will be featuring them periodically. I also wanted to show a picture of the old apple basket that I purchased at Lone Star last week for $12.00. I painted with a white paint-randomly here and there-so it would not look new. I have placed it on the top of my kitchen cupboards as a beginning to finally start decorating my newly painted kitchen. Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~ A New Beginning....~

" Shoe Form Transformation..."

" I am really drawn to the old shoe forms...So many shapes and sizes...Grouped together as a vignette or simply add some sparkle and see what you get...."

As if I do not have enough time to dedicate myself to my other Blog (Dream in cream), I decided to go ahead and create a new one. I think this blog will have to do with my love for vintage and discarded treasures. You know, all those old goodies that everyone else (except us) thinks is trash and wonders what in the world are you going to do with that. Well, here's to all us ladies who love to dumpster dive and veer off the national highway to hit the curb full of tossed treasures- I salute you!!!!